NCMARC Net Summary for 9-20-2015


The NCMARC net for this week had a total of 11 check-ins

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Amateur Radio Growth.


Many folks will often say Ham Radio is on the decline, however, the facts prove otherwise.


New Ham Radio QSL’s





Recently I was given use of a HF Radio, which I have been using to make some contacts, I was able to reach several countries so far and many states. here are the first two Q



test test =*= —————————————— Thank You, Glen Briggs glen@katieandglen.com KBØRPJ North Missouri Skywarn Grundy County Emergency Management Director glen@katieandglen.com

Media poll

Think About TV for a moment, What Station do you watch for local News when you watch local TV News

Thinking About Question 2, Why do you watch that station.

Now lets look into the segements of news. Overall which station do you think is more trustworthy
Thinking About News a little bit more, what do you think would be the biggest improvement to local news
Ok.. Moving on to weather. who do you trust more with your weather coverage

When severe weather is happening, who do you turn to and why?
Do you think tv weather people over hype weather coverage?

Lastly.. moving on to sports. who do you watch for sports coverage?
why do you watch that station for sports coverage?
Lastly how would you rate the overall quality of news coverage you see on tv for our local area?

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