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C.E.R.T. Training videos

Here is a collection of videos to view to refresh your training for our C.E.R.T. Program.

These videos are NOT a replacement for attending any training meetings.

C.E.R.T. In Action (19:13)
In CERT in Action, a fierce storm has struck the local community. CERT members activate in their neighborhood, set up an Incident Command Post and assess damage throughout the area. They use their CERT skills to respond to damage and injured victims in the local community center, managing the situation until professional responders are able to arrive. This video provides a useful introduction to the CERT concept for new program participants and others who may be interested in the program. This video will also support the material presented in the CERT Basic Training course Unit 6: CERT Organization. CERT trainers will be able to use the video to start a dialogue about CERTs use of ICS and other critical features of successful team operations.

CERT Training: Safety In The After-Disaster Environment (31:44)
CERT members can prepare to work in a post-disaster area by understanding more about the potential hazards, by preparing their own safety kit and by wearing the right gear. The purpose of this training video is to prepare the CERT members for the kinds of hazards they may experience after a disaster and to help them stay safe as they work in the disaster area. This video will support the materials presented in the CERT Basic Training course Unit 5: Light Search and Rescue Operations. CERT trainers will be able to use the materials presented in this video to start a dialogue about the potential challenges CERT members may face.

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